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Can you offer housing for refugees?

The network “No one is illegal” supports people who are forced to live without proper documents in Sweden. We urgently search for apartments and rooms where undocumented migrants can find refuge.

Families, youngsters and adults who are forced to flee their homes and travel the long way to Sweden, get told that they cannot stay here. Instead they are to be deported back to the country they have sacrificed everything to escape. Therefore, some see no other option than to stay in Sweden without a residence permit. They become so-called “undocumented migrants”.

As an undocumented migrant you have almost no rights and have to live with the constant risk of being deported. It is also very hard to find safe housing – can you help out?

Vad har du att erbjuda?

Many undocumented migrants have limited possibilities to get money, but in some cases there may be opportunities to raise money for rent. Write here if you offer free housing, or how much you need for rent.

Do you have special needs/requirements/conditions we should know? For example, if there are any pets in the home, it is not appropriate for children to live there, etc.